Imperial Russian Officers Helmet Plate – 35th Naval Regiment 
September 24, 2021
November Uprising 1831 Polish Associations of Great Britain 1833 Medal
September 24, 2021

Imperial Russian Officers Fieldjaeger Guard Rifle Corps 1845 Pattern Eagle


1833-1855, Brass Gilded, 17cm x 17.2cm

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 Unique eagle of an Officer of the Imperial Russian Fieldjaeger Guard Rifle Corps. Fieldjaeger’s, provided reliable courier services for Tsar, the court and other high men government officials (delivery of orders, secret reports, securities, parcels, transport of gold, large sums of money, delivery of captured banners, etc.). Also escorting and protecting high-ranking people. The corps was created only from the most trusted members of the Body Guard. It was a very small and elite unit. Exceptional piece for any collector.

The insignia is in the form of a double headed crowned eagle, with a shield showing St.George slaying the dragon. The eagle is seated on an amazon shield with the unit’s symbol – Monogram of Nicholas I with an applied crown. Visible maker mark on the rosette of the Amazon Shield. 

 Unique historical piece.