Our fundamental motivation at Sarmatia Antiques is to promote the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Heritage and preserve what remains after decades of Wars, Partitions, National Uprisings and Occupations. We find that offering exquisite historical artifacts is the finest course to promote the Polish Culture and History.

It has been our privilege to assist collectors and museums worldwide in finding the remarkably exclusive artifacts of the past ages. Our wide offer is designed for all who share our passion, both connoisseurs and amateurs alike.

Who are we?

Sarmatia Antiques is a British based business, with our goods available to world. Facing the challenging intricate market, we serve all our customers with years of experience in the field of Polish Historical Artifacts. Our resources allow us to research with commitment and dedication even the most pioneer fields of collecting. In our extensive offer of Art, Silverware, Militaria and Documents we are prepared to aid the most demanding taste.

Why Polish Heritage?

The challenging geo-political location of Poland in the heart of Europe was always a reason for its triumphs, accomplishments and downfalls. Like a phoenix, Poland always rose up from the most destructive ashes. The beauty of the country had drawn people from all sides, the open minded policy of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth welcomed all faiths and backgrounds creating a unique multicultural national identity. Demonstration of their strength, courage and hardship can be seen from the capture of Moscow, the Defense of the Christianity in Vienna and the fight against tyranny in the shadow of Monte Cassino. The mournful times of struggle for independence forced the same vigorous community to flee their homeland. Its people and heritage has been scattered around the globe. At Sarmatia Antiques we gather these shards of history, so that they may find the most fitting guardianship for future generations.

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