Post WW2 Polish Donation for the Warsaw Uprising Monument Certificate
April 14, 2020
Portrait Photo of a Polish Pilot – 1945
April 14, 2020

pre-WW2 Polish Photo Gravestone of Żwirka & Wigury


14cm x 8cm

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Photo showing the tomb of Polish Aviation ace Żwirko i Wigura. Visible Eye-catching two Crosses with propellers superimposed, and a wreath in the shape of an aircraft, with the inscription (Tribute to Heroes of the Holy Memory of Aviators). Picture taken immediately after the funeral with the first temporary gravestone.

Żwirko and Wigura were Polish aviation aces, winners of international aviation competition, on the unlucky day of 11 September 1932. During the flight to Prague, the Pilots were surprised by a violent storm, and as a result lost the wing of the machine. They died in the crash near Cierlicko Górny near Cieszyn. They were buried in Powązki, Warsaw.