pre-WW2 Polish Photo Gravestone of Żwirka & Wigury
April 14, 2020
pre-WW2 Polish Portrait Photo – 2nd Legion Inf.Reg
April 14, 2020

Portrait Photo of a Polish Pilot – 1945


13.5cm x 8.5cm

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The photo shows a Polish Pilot in a uniform, visible characteristic round aviation cap with an officer eagle cap badge from bullion thread. Also visible on the left chest are ribbons of decorations of the Cross of Valor and Virtuti Militari, as well as badges for wounds and injuries. Above the ribbons the pilots wings. 

  On the reverse, a dedication to “Dear Halina, as a souvenir from Czesia, Sopot 14.X.45”.

A rare photograph showing the beginnings of Polish communist air force in Poland in the early post-war period.