WW2 Polish Cross of Valour – France M.Delande
May 26, 2019
WW2 Polish Medal of Polish Merchant Navy
May 26, 2019

WW2 Polish Knight’s Virtuti Militari Cross 3rd Class – Picchiani & Barlacchi

Picchiani & Barlacchi, Florence, 1945-70(?), 43mm width. Enameled bronze gilded

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The Knight’s Cross of Virtuti Militari (3rd Class), made in Italy by Picchiani & Barlacchi of Florence. The exact date of production is unknown, however it was made between 1945-1970. Wonderful condition with minimal wear, as in photographs.

 Award in the shape of the cross, in the center a crowned white enameled eagle with wings spread. Enameled black arms is an inscription in gold letter “Virtuti Militari”. The reverse has clear arms, the center medallion has a laurel leaves crown, with an inscription in the center “Honor i Ojczyzna 1792”, meaning Honor and Fatherland 1792.

 A three piece construction, separate medallions applied to the front and back. A British production ribbon. Rare collectors piece.

More information on Italian production Virtuti Militari Cross in this article by Julian Skelnik –