WW2 Polish Volunteers Patch – Belgium (Variant)
July 3, 2019
WW2 – Uniform Regiment of Motorized Artillery
September 23, 2019

WW1 Polish Eagle Badge “Galician”


1917, Poland (Kraków?), Steel

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World War One Polish cap badge, in the form of an eagle in a crown with spread wings and claws. On the reverse clearly visible struck die, in the middle a fixing pin. This production of Polish eagle is attributed to Kraków circa 1917. Worn as patriotic jewelry by Polish soldiers on headdress. In the book by Tomasz Zawistowski “Polskie Orły do czapek w latach 1900-1917” a similar eagle appears on page 307 (il.513). Size (without the pin) : 42mm x 48mm. 100% original.