WW2 Polish Regimental Badge – 1st Krechowiecki Lancers
November 5, 2019
pre-WW2 Polish Eagle Cap Badge wz.19
November 14, 2019

pre-WW2 Polish Badge of the 2nd Eastern Corps “Kaniów”

Silver-plated tombac, 52mm x 54mm, Maciński, Kiev 1918.

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Cross-shaped badge, on the upper arm date 11 V 1918, along the vertical arms the inscription “Kaniów”. In the center, a Polish eagle with a crown on the amazon shield with the inscription “II Korpus” , eng “Second Corps”. Two swords crossed between the arms of the cross (one broken handle). On the reverse stamped producer “KIJÓW MACIAŃSKI 1918”, in the middle a threaded with spinner (repaired). Visible signs of wear and abrasion in silvering.

The first version of the commemorative badge of the 2nd Polish Eastern Corps, the so-called “Large Kaniów”, made in Kiev by Maciński’s workshop in 1918. A unique badge rarely seen on the collector’s market.