pre-WW2 Polish KOP Commander Presentation Cigarette Case
November 18, 2019
post-WW2 Polish Guard Companies Breast Badge
November 22, 2019

pre-WW2 Polish VIS Radom Pistol Leather Lanyard


1935-1939, Poland, Leather, Steel.

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An extremely rare lanyard for the Polish VIS Radom 9mm pistol issued to officers and NCO of the pre-WW2 Polish Army. 

 The strap is shortened and was used as a compass lanyard in the period. Polish VIS pistol lanyards do not appear on the market and even a shortened example is absolutely unique, much rarer that holsters.

Total length 79cm, came together with a wz.32 Polish Compass as on photographs. Please note that the compass is not included in the sale. All details on the photographs.