pre-WW2 Polish Badge of the Lithuanian-Belarusian Division – Number 307/19375
June 1, 2023
WW2 Polish Virtuti Militari Ribbon Bar
June 1, 2023

pre-WW2 Polish Medal Haller’s Swords – Blue Army


USA/Poland, 42mm x 31mm, 8.5cm with ribbon

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The decoration was introduced in 1920 by General Józef Haller to commemorate the merits of Polish volunteers of General Haller’s Blue Army from France, Italy and the United States. Decoration produced in France, Poland and the United States.

A diamond-shaped decoration with a red enameled border, on the obverse there is a white enameled eagle with a golden crown, claws and a cross on the chest. From behind the rhombus, two crossed swords are visible, their blades pointing upwards. At the height of the eagle’s head there is the date 4 X 1918, on the sides of the wings the names: “Francja”, “Włochy”, below separated by the eagle’s tail “America” and the initials of Józef Haller – JH.

The reverse is smooth, an unusual connection of the ribbon ring with the decoration is visible, soldered to the reverse of the decoration, not the top.

Decoration on a light blue ribbon, white and crimson vertical stripes on the sides. The ribbon is not from Haller’s Swords, but from the Silesian Cross (Cross on the Silesian Ribbon of Valor and Merit). It was probably worn like this as a replacement.

Beautiful condition as in the photos.