WW2 Polish Badge – Infantry & Motorised Cavalry Officer Cadet School – Scotland
May 25, 2023
pre-WW2 Polish Medal Haller’s Swords – Blue Army
June 1, 2023

pre-WW2 Polish Badge of the Lithuanian-Belarusian Division – Number 307/19375


47mm x 47mm, brass


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Polish breast badge of the Lithuanian-Belarusian Division. A badge in the form of a cross with the sentence in Polish “For your Freedom and our 1919” on its arms. In the middle, there is the Polish Jagiellonian Eagle with the coat of arms of Lithuania, a knight on a horse with a raised shield and sword (Vytis).Two-part badge mounted on pins.

The reverse of the badge is smooth with a visible mounting post in the middle and mounting pins.

On the upper part of the cross you can see the engraved number “19375” and the second number below the threaded post “307”. Round spinner, smooth.