Pre-WW2 Polish Coat Wooden Hanger 
October 27, 2020
WW2 Polish Driver Badge
October 29, 2020

WW2 Polish Medal Ribbon Bar


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A Polish World War Two period medal ribbons, worn by a soldier of the 2nd Polish Corps and the pre-WW2 Polish Army, Participant of the Monte Cassino battle. High quality made, fitted to the uniform by two threaded posts. The ribbons are for the following decorations: 

  • Brown Cross of Merit with Sword
  • Polish-Bolshevik War Medal
  • Polish Army Medal
  • 10 Years of Independence Medal
  • 10 Years of Service Medal
  • 10 Years of Service Medal 
  • Monte Cassino Cross 
  • 1939-1945 Campaign Star (British) 
  • Italian Campaign Star (British)
  • Defence Medal (Brittish)
  • The War Medal (British)

Condition as on photographs.