Polish Patriotic Gold Eagle Pendant
March 25, 2020
pre-WW2 Polish Photo Gravestone of Żwirka & Wigury
April 14, 2020

Post WW2 Polish Donation for the Warsaw Uprising Monument Certificate


24cm x 17cm

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A “brick” donation for the construction of a monument for the Heroes of the Warsaw Uprising, a rectangular form of A5, in the foreground a symbol of the symbol of Fighting Poland.

This symbol is based on a background reminiscent of a red brick wall, and between the arms of the symbol, all badges of the units participating in the Warsaw Uprising were printed.


Below, an inscription (Social Committee for the Construction of the Monument to the Heroes of the Warsaw Uprising 1944 – Gift for the construction of the monument of One Hundred Zloty)

Brick with number 0001515. Printed in 1980-89.