Pre-WW2 Rare Badge 2nd Scouting Rally Wilno 1932
February 3, 2018
WW2 Polish Badge of 6th Lwów Infantry Division
February 3, 2018

pre-WW2 Polish KOP Frontier Protection Corps Badge


Brass silver plated, Stanisław Reising, Warsaw 1924-1939.  50mm x 34mm.

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Soldier’s badge of the Frontier Protection Corps. An elite unit that protected the eastern border of the Republic of Poland with the Soviet Union in the interwar period.

One-piece badge, an oval laurel wreath, in the center a border post with sun rays in the background. The bottom of the badge is topped with a wz.27 crowned eagle below which there is a sash with the inscription “For border service”. The top of the badge is crowned with a round shield with the word KOP – Korpus Ochrony Pogranicza.

Reverse with a visible counter, in the center a visible threaded post. Round brass spinner with the manufacturer “Stanisław Reising, Grawer, Warszawa Niecała No 1. Later green felt material.