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April 29, 2019
Pre-WW2 Polish Virtuti Militari Knight’s Cross 3rd Class nr 164
April 29, 2019

pre-WW2 Polish Cavalry OR’s Breeches Trousers wz.36 

July 1939, Poland

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 Rare wz 36 Breeches for the other ranks of Polish cavalry, made of cloth in a green khaki color. A field service variety for privates and non-commissioned officers. Inside, a set of red issue stamps of the Polish Army. Dated July 1939. Visible signs of wear and repairs, patches, holes, but general condition is good. Some Buttons changed, parts are missing.

 Field service trousers for privates and non-commissioned officers. Used by cavalry, including regiments of lancers (Ułan & Szwoleżerów), horse riflemen and horse artillery.

 After the 1939 Defense War, the breeches were captured by the Germans and sent to France where they were probably used by prisoners of war, inside is a visible stamp from Angers and French buttons.

 Pants belong to the most rare element of the “September” uniform of a Polish soldier. Due to their usefulness after the war, they were worn on farms and in the field until the very end of their usefulness, hence they are unique on the collector’s and museum market.

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