pre-WW2 Polish Cavalry OR’s Breeches Trousers wz.36 
April 29, 2019
WW1 Polish Greater Poland Uprising Eagle
May 5, 2019

Pre-WW2 Polish Virtuti Militari Knight’s Cross 3rd Class nr 164

Krupski & Matulewicz, Warsaw, Bronze, Enamel, Gild. 44mm x 44.5mm, Circa 1921. 

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 The Knight’s Cross of Virtuti Militari (3rd Class). A government issue example, originally numbered on the reverse (164). Unawarded, from the Order Chapter’s inventory, manufactured before 1939. Wonderful condition with minimal wear, as on photographs.

 Award in the shape of the cross, in the centre a crowned white enameled eagle with wings spread. Enameled black arms is an inscription in gold letter “Virtuti Militari”. The reverse has clear arms, the centre medallion has a laurel leaves crown, with an inscription in the centre “Honor i Ojczyzna 1792”, meaning Honour and Fatherland 1792.

 A four piece construction, separate medallions applied to the front and back. Original period issue ribbon with a safety pin.