“The Polish Army in the West 1939-1947 Commemorative & Specialist Badges” Specialist Collectors Book
April 29, 2019
pre-WW2 Polish Cavalry OR’s Breeches Trousers wz.36 
April 29, 2019

pre-WW2 Polish Red Cross Banner Eagle Pole Final Top


Poland 1919-1939, Brass, Silver Plated, Paint, 830g, 23cm x 17cm

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 A pre-WW2 Polish Red Cross Banner flag pole top. Made of brass in the form of a Polish crowned white eagle with spread wings, sitting on a white circle with a red cross inside. The White circle and red cross have remains of paint visible. Remains of silver plate and paint visible. 

 The form of the eagle suggests that the piece dates from the 1920’s, later 2nd Republic eagles had different forms. The funnel for the wooden pole is missing. 

The Polish Red Cross was founded in 1919, with the support of Helena Paderewska and the Polish White Cross Society. During the interwar years the Polish Red Cross functioned as a paramilitary organisation with military training, purchase of army ambulances and courses. Members of the Polish Red Cross took part in the Polish Defence Campaign of 1939 and throughout other fronts later.