WW2 Polish 2nd Corps Badge – 000117 Extremely Low Number
May 18, 2018
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May 18, 2018

WW2 Polish Breast Badge of the 4th Armoured Regiment “Scorpion”

1945/46, Italy, Picchiani & Barlacchi of Florence.

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Polish regimental breast badge of the 4th Armoured Regiment “Scorpion”. Badge in the form of a black enamelled “Monte Cassino” cross, to which is applied a brass, plated scorpion. Convex badge. 

 The reverse is smooth with two visible rivets from the scorpion, repaired in the period with lead. Numbered at the bottom part of the cross “313”. Badge most likely awarded to podchorąży Stanisław Kocimski from the Command Squadron of the 4th Armoured Regiment. 

He is on the list of decorated persons under the regiment’s daily order No. 110 of May 15, 1946 (first grants on the occasion of the first regimental holiday). The badges were given by the regiment commander, Colonel Ignacy Kowalczewski. The grant took place on May 18, 1946, probably at the monument to the Scorpions on Albanet – by Białecki’s tank.

 Visible signs of wear in the form of word silvering and damaged enamel to one arm of the cross, as on attached photographs. 

The badge has an incorrect “F.M Lorioli” spinner, the maker of the badge was Picchani & Barlacchi of Florence and should have such spinner. However the soldiers often mixed up the spinners and such combinations are often found.

Badge of the legendary 4th Armoured Regiment “Scorpion”. The 4th Armoured Regiment was part of the 2nd Warsaw Armoured Division of the 2nd Polish Corps of General Anders. Took an active part in the Italian Campaign including Battle of Monte Cassino, Battle of Bolonia and many others.