WW2 Polish Badge – Command of Forces in the Middle East
November 18, 2019
WW2 Polish Beret Badge 65th Pomorski Infantry Battalion
November 18, 2019

WW1 Polish Patriotic Eagle Cap Badge


Zinc, c.1915-1916, 40mm x 35mm

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A World War One period Polish eagle badge in the form of a Polish crowned eagle with spread wings, behind him a pair of crossed swords. Underneath his claws is a sash inscribed “Boże Zbaw Polskę” (God Save Poland). 

 This type of eagle is mentioned in the book by Tomasz Zawistowski “Polskie Orły do Czapek w latach 1900-1917” on pages 162-164. The eagle though to be produced circa 1916 in Poland and widely distributed. 

 This type of eagle has been seen by used by the Polish Legions under the Austrian Army in the 1st World War, by Polish soldiers in the Great Poland Uprising of 1918-1919, in the Polish-Bolshevick War of 1919-1921 and by civilians as a manifestation of the Polish fight for independence.