WW2 Polish 1st Armored Regiment Badge – German Production
February 3, 2018
pre-WW2 Polish State Sports Badge – 3rd Class
February 3, 2018

WW2 Polish Badge 5th Kresowy Machine Gun Battalion


F.M Lorioli Fratelli, Italy 43mm x 43mm, 1945/46

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Badge of the 5th Kresowy Machine Gun Battalion. The unit was part of the 5th Kresowa Infantry Division, the 2nd Polish Corps of General Anders.

A two-piece badge, in the shape of a Monte Cassino cross, with a laurel wreath placed on the cross. In the center of the wreath there are three stylized rifle cartridges with initials (CKM Ciężki Karabin Maszynowy – Heavy Machine Gun). The number 5 is inscribed below at the bottom of the wreath. A repaired threaded post in the center, badge numbered (978) on the right shoulder of the cross. Round spinner, inscribed with the name of the manufacturer (F.M. Lorioli – Milano – Roma). 

Condition as shown in the photos, rare original badge.