18th Century Flintlock Mechanism – Wilson
September 24, 2018
Pre-WW2 – Polish Perkun Bayonet wz.24
September 25, 2018

Rare 18th Century European, Left-Hand Flintlock Pistol


Europe, Total Length 49.5cm

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18th century flintlock pistol in a walnut stock.  Rare specimen, adapted to a left-handed person.

Long walnut stock reaching to the mouth of the barrel, with a channel and two pipes for a ramrod. Ramrod in good condition with a bone tip. The stock is clearly bent into a butt with an extensive buttplate. On the wrist of the stock there is an oval brass plate, probably originally engraved with a coat of arms.The trigger guard made of brass, finely engraved. 

The flintlock mechanism is made with attention to detail with a beautiful engraved floral pattern. 

Extensive side plate made of brass and horn, visible change from a right handed pistol to a left-handed.

The barrel is smooth along its entire length, in good condition as shown in the photos. Total Length 49.5cm

Sold as a collectors item.