Rare 18th Century European, Left-Hand Flintlock Pistol
September 24, 2018
post-WW2 Polish Book by General Maczek – Od Podwody do Czołga – First Edition  Edinburgh, 1961
September 25, 2018

Pre-WW2 – Polish Perkun Bayonet wz.24


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Polish bayonet, pattern 1924 (wz.24), made by the  Society of the Motors Factory Perkun.

Bayonet with a single-edged blade, with a two-sided grove. Ended with a spear point.

Handle with two profiled wooden grips, fastened to the shaft of the handle with two screws. Visible tang on the grips. Steel catch with a spiral spring, working order.

Steel scabbard finished with a round knob. The scabbard clip is soldered with an oval washer. Scabbard’s mouthpiece with two flat springs, mounted on a single rivet. The mouthpiece of the scabbard with a visible inspection mark.

Polished bayonet blade, scabbard with visible traces of black and green khaki paint.

Marking on the ricasso of the blade, embossed name of the manufacturer (Perkun). Bayonet serial number 321841. Military inspection mark (M in triangle) and technical inspection stamp, (P in star). Other side of the ricasso of the blade is marked with visible letters (W.P) (Wojsko Polskie –  Polish Army) and the national emblem, a crowned eagle. On the side of the handle, there is a mark in the form of an eagle crown.

Condition as in the photos.