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June 8, 2023
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June 8, 2023

pre-WW2 Polish Patriotic Mantle Clock – Haller’s Blue Army


USA 1921-1930, Height – 19.5 cm, Width – 15 cm

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Polish patriotic clock made in the interwar period in the United States. The clock commemorates the Army of General Haller and his soldiers as well as Polish Volunteers from the USA.

The obverse of the clock is decorated in the form of a monument. A badge (Cross of the Polish Volunteers from America) is visible at the top of the clock. A cross with arrow arms, the Jagiellonian eagle inscribed in the middle. 

On both sides of the dial visible soldiers of Haller’s Army, on the left a private soldier with a rifle in his right hand, on the right an officer with a larger range of medals on his chest and a saber at the side.

In the lower part of the clock there is an inscription, the patriotic sentence in Polish “Dla Ciebie Ojczyzno” – “For You Homeland” and “Honor Chwili” “The Honor of a Moment”. In the middle, on laurel leaves and a flaming torch, a plaque with the date 1917-1920. The reverse of the clock is smooth, in the middle a hole and the mechanism of the clock are visible.

In the lower right corner, the manufacturer’s name is embossed, unfortunately hardly visible. The clock was probably made by a private Polish manufacturer in the United States. The mechanism of French production does not work. Condition as in the photos.