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June 8, 2023
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June 8, 2023

pre-WW2 Polish Early Bullion Thread Officer’s Hat Chinstrap


1917-1930, Poland

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A Polish bullion thread chinstrap decorated with a officers zig-zag. An early type of chinstrap introduced to the wz.1917 Polish officer caps, also used in the interwar period on officer caps of some veteran and paramilitary organizations. A similar chinstrap can be found, among others, on a cap from the collection of the Polish Army Museum belonging to Chaplain Ignacy Skorupka killed during the Battle of Warsaw in 1920.

An officer’s chinstrap for a cap made of very good quality materials. It is embroidered with silver thread, complete with two belt loops and a buckle.


– Total length of the chinstrap – 31 cm

– Length of the part with the buckle – 22 cm

– The length of the second part – 20.5 cm275

Very good condition.