WW2 Badge Spinner for Polish Badges by Lorioli
June 1, 2023
pre-WW2 Polish Medal Haller’s Swords Blue Army – American Version
June 1, 2023

pre-WW2 Polish OR’s Badge of 5th Telegraphic Battalion


40mm x 40.5mm, brass silver plated, 1929-1939

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A one-piece badge struck in brass, in the shape of a cross, between the arms there are lightning bolts symbolizing radio telegraph troops, on the arms the number and initials of the Battalion “B. 5.T”, below the date 1929. In the central part of the badge there is a rosette in which a crowned eagle was minted.

Reverse with a soft counter, visible traces of silver plating, in the center a post for a spinner. Badge with a spinner nut of Wiktor Gontarczyk