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Material Sampler of a Polish company Haskoba from London


Circa 1945-60

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 A cardboard box with material samples from a Polish company from London. Material samples, probably from the period shortly after the war. Very useful comparative and research material.

Haskoba, advertising itself as “the largest Polish mail-order house in Europe”. Founded by Antoni Kolczyński, a soldier of the 20th Uhlan Regiment and then an official of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The company’s headquarters was in the “Polish corridor” in London at 121 Earls Court Road. Haskoba was the oldest Polish mail order company in Great Britain, established in 1945. Its motto was the slogan: “Good and quick help is Haskoba’s package”. In the mid-1950s, 20 people worked in the company’s London offices and warehouses. Haskoba also had dozens of agents in Canada, the United States, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, and Brazil. Weekly, it sent an average of a thousand parcels to Poland and, via the “Curzon Line”, to the Soviet Union, mainly with textiles and medicines.

Information obtained from the article by Krzysztof Tarka (