Polish Rogatywka Shako of Polish Patriotic Organization in USA
June 8, 2023
pre-WW2 Polish Early Bullion Thread Officer’s Hat Chinstrap
June 8, 2023

post-WW2 Polish Eagle from Silesian Uprising Banner


1946-60, Cloth, Bullion thread, Diameter circa 48cm

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A cut-out central element from a Polish veteran banner of the Silesian Insurgents from the period of the People’s Republic of Poland.

  Emblem in the form of a silver Piast eagle without a crown, wings directed downwards, blue background. A silver wreath with decorative elements surrounds the eagle. You can see around the wreath the colors in the color of the ribbon of the Silesian Uprising Cross. The eagle pattern is also directly inspired from the Silesian Uprising Cross.

  Fantastic decoration and addition to your collection. Beautiful workmanship.The Silesian Uprising Cross will be added to the eagle.