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September 25, 2021
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September 26, 2021

pre-WW2 Polish Cross of Valour – Krogulec nr 7


Warszawa 1921-39, 44mm x 46mm

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A Polish Cross of Valour. Version made from bronze, produced in Warsaw (?) by an unknown workshop circa 1921-39. Version 7 according to the book by Grzegorz Krogulec “Krzyż Walecznych”. 

Period replacement version , awarded for acts of valour during the Polish-Bolshevik war in 1919-1921. According to the information from the previous owner the cross was awarded to Marian Bielecki, with the cross are two photographs of him from the interwar period.

The ribbon ring suspension is broken, worn condition as in photographs. 

A Polish Cross of Valour awarded for acts of valour in the battlefield. The award in the shape of the cross, In the centre a Polish crowned eagle with spread wings. On the arms an inscription “Na Polu Chwały 1920” meaning “On the fields of Glory 1920”. 

 The reverse with a sword and a laurel leaf crown with inscription “Walecznym” meaning, Valourious.