Pre-WW2 Polish Bayonet Radom wz.29 with wz24 Frog
September 25, 2019
pre-WW2 Polish Cross of Valour – Krogulec nr 7
September 26, 2019

Polish Cross of Combat Action – Arnhem – 1st Polish Para Brigade


Polish National Mint, Warsaw,1978-1999

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Badge in the form of a maltese cross measuring 42 mm x 42 mm, on the obverse of the cross an eagle of the Polish Armed Forces in Exile, on the reverse an inscription (Polish Armed Forces in the West). Cross with the wrong ribbon for the Warsaw Uprising Cross, however the ribbon has been on the cross for a long time and was probably so worn by a veteran.

A single rectangular bar on the ribbon; ”Arnhem ”. Cross awarded to a soldier of the 1st Polish Independent Parachute Brigade who took part in the Battle of Arnhem, part of the Market Garden operation. One of the most rare bars.

The cross was designed by Edward Gorol, made in the National Mint between 1978-1999. The crosses were given to the participants of the combat operation of the Polish Armed Forces in the West during the Second World War in 1939-1945.