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June 8, 2018
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pre-WW2 Polish Army Binoculars H.Kolberg Warsaw 1926


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Pre-war binoculars of the Polish Army. Made by Henryk Kolberg and the company in Warsaw in 1926.

The binoculars are marked “WP”, which stands for the Polish Army and the Polish state eagle. Also type (magnification 6×30), serial number (5898) and manufacturer “H.Kolberg i ska, Warszawa”. The serial number indicates that the binoculars were manufactured in 1926. Rare example from the second year of production.

The body of the binoculars is in very good condition, the vulcanite artificial leather is complete.

The view through the left eye tube is clear. The right eye tube has artillery graduation, the vision is clear.

 Original issued leather straps, including an eyepiece rain cover. The production of the straps is attributed to A.Chojnacki of Warsaw.

Original issue leather case without the strap. The lid and the bottom of the case are separated (the leather has broken). Early production case. The production is attributed to A. Chojnacki from Warsaw.

Rare binoculars used by the Polish Army in the Defensive War in September and October 1939.

More information about the Polish binoculars can be found in the piece written by Anna Vacani: