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May 26, 2018
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July 30, 2018

WW2 Polish Communist Pilot Group


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A unique set of items from the early period of Polish People’s Communist Army. The set presents a collection of memorabilia of the pre-war aviation soldier Czesław Bis. A veteran of the 1939 Campaign, wounded near Kowno. Drafted into the Polish People’s Army in 1944 and transferred to an airline company, transferred to the reserve in 1947

A unique uniform flight jacket, modeled on the pre-war flight jacket wz.36. Dyed gray / steel color, Lined collar and lapels fastened with hooks. Single-breasted shirt fastened with five wz 43 button with an embossed un-crowned eagle (Kurica) of Russian production. On the chest there are two small pockets with flaps fastened with a small uniform button. Below the waist there are two larger pockets fastened with large uniform buttons. Sleeves finished with a slit, fastened with buttons. Visible stitching between the pockets on the obverse side, gray / steel shoulder straps with stars, one piece per shoulder straps (second lieutenant rank). Visible vents above the large pockets. The reverse of the jacket is smooth, visible stitching of the back opening.

Jacket, most likely obtained from the war period, dyed for the needs of the Polish Army in the 1940s for aviation use. The jacket has characteristic parts of the German M42 uniforms produced for the Wehrmacht and Waffen SS units. Single-breasted 5-button fastening suggests that it was a jacket originally intended for the Waffen SS formation, reused by the Polish Army.

The set includes documents such as:

Record book for mastering the flight program, a rectangular book with a paper cover, in the center of the book all information about flight mastering, information about flights and the tasks performed.

Student’s workbook. Describing tasks for an aviation soldier, which he had to perform on a given day of service, exercises.

Three cards for decorations

Card for the Silver Cross of Merit

Medal of the 10th anniversary of People’s Poland

A card for the Golden Cross of Merit

Card for the Grunwald Shield Badge

The Aviation League card of the Warsaw district

ID card for the parachute jumper badge, ID card 1 design, unique position of documents from the early Polish Army in the years 1943-1949

ID card issued in 1946 by the Chief of Parachute and Landing Service.

Military record book with military assignments, with a history of 10 years in the service of the Polish Army.