post-WW2 Polish Rogatywka wz.35 Hat – Colonel Engineers
June 8, 2023
WW1 Polish Haller’s Blue Army Officer’s uniform 
June 8, 2023

pre-WW2 Polish 1927 pattern Buttons for Rogatywka Garrison Cap


Circa 15mm diameter; silver-plated brass, 1927-39 Poland

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A pair of Polish buttons with crowned eagle, wz.1927, a special variant with wire fixing on the reverse, intended exclusively for garrison rogatywka caps.

Buttons marked on the reverse “N/S Jednostajny W.I.M.”, the diameter of the buttons is about 15 mm. Visible remnants of silver plating, signs of wear. On the reverse a pair of fixing wires.

Rarely found, ideal to complement the missing buttons on a cap.