WW1 Polish Haller’s Blue Army Officer’s uniform 
June 8, 2023
post WW2 Polish Rogatywka wz.35 Hat – Captain Chaplain
June 8, 2023

pre-WW2 Polish 1922 Pattern Backpack – 2nd Krakow Air Force Regiment.


1934/35, Poznań National Uniform Works Poland

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Polish wz. 22 backpack, so called “Norwegian type”,. Used by the 2nd Air Force Regiment from Krakow. Made by the National Uniform Works (Państwowe Zakłady Umundurowania) in Poznań.

The backpack is complete, it has an original strap holding its shoulders – which is a rarity in this type of backpacks. Each leather strap is soft, in good condition, and intact. It also has minimal darnings added in the era by the previous owner.

Inside, on the flap, it has three ink stamps, one is the regimental seal of the 2nd Air Force Regiment, the other is the D.O.K. from 1934 or 1935, the third is the manufacturer P.Z.U. Poznań (Państwowe Zakłady Umundurowanie – National Uniform Works).

On the back of the backpack – on its “back”, there is a faintly visible signature of the owner. The only alterations that are present included the removal of the backpack, combat braces from the shoulders – which is a typical alteration, e.g. in air regiments.

Its excellent condition makes it an ideal addition to your collection.