WW2 Polish Resistance Steel Eagle Cap Badge – Warsaw Uprising
August 1, 2018
WW2 Polish Virtuti Militari Cross Ribbon Bar
August 20, 2018

post-WW2 Polish Warsaw Uprising Cross & Legitimation Card “Kryska” Unit


1982, National Mint, Paper

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Warsaw Uprising Cross issued to senior private Stefan Jan Korzeniowski “Zemsta”.

Stefan Korzeniowski ps. “Zemsta”, son of Józef and Janina (née Kielasz) Korzeniewski, born on August 10, 1920 in Mława. During the Warsaw Uprising, he was a senior rifleman in the 4th company that was part of the “Kryska” Group fighting in Górny Czerniaków. Wounded on September 12, 1944 in the port via ul. Czerniakowska 136. After the fall of the uprising, he left with the civilian population. He died on February 16, 1985 in Warsaw.

 The Warsaw Uprising Cross (Warszawski Krzyż Powstańczy). introduced by the Communist People’s Republic of Poland, issued to all participants in the Warsaw Uprising. The Cross was introduced during the so-called “thawing” period, when the communist state tried to win over the society by a more liberal and open approach. Designed by Edward Gorol, made in the National Mint in Warsaw. 

 Award in the shape of a cross, in the middle a Warsaw Uprising Insurgents white and red armband in enamel. On the armband a “Anchor” (Kotwica) – symbol of the resistance – Fighting Poland (Polska Walcząca). on the arms the date 1.VIII.1944 – the date of the beginning of the Warsaw Uprising. On the reverse and inscription – “Powstańcom Warszawskim” – “To Warsaw Insurgents”. The ribbon in the colors of the Vivruti Militari and a white and red stripe in the middle.