Pre-WW2 Polish Helmet wz.31 Silesian Police “Salamandra”
July 30, 2018
post-WW2 Polish Warsaw Uprising Cross & Legitimation Card “Kryska” Unit
August 1, 2018

WW2 Polish Resistance Steel Eagle Cap Badge – Warsaw Uprising


40.5mm x 29mm, Steel, Warsaw circa 1944

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Polish eagle cap badge depicting a crowned eagle with spread wings sitting on an amazon shield. Made of steel.

The eagle was made for the needs of the Home Army for the Operation Tempest (Akcja Burza). The eagles were widely used in the Warsaw Uprising and most likely made in Warsaw. 

 Good used condition as in photographs.

This version of the eagle is mentioned in the book by Tomasz Zawistowski.“Polskie Orły na Czapki 1939-45” on page 191, illustration 367.