post-WW2 Polish People’s Republic Pennant of the Coastal Defense Commander
September 25, 2018
post-WW2 Polish People’s Republic Pennant of the Commander of the Training Ship 
September 25, 2018

WW2 Polish Leather Case with Mirror of Officer Józef Lehnert


Great Britain 1940-45, Leather, Glass, Steel, 9.5cm x 8cm.

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  World War Two period British leather case used by a Polish Officer. On the obverse there is a plant motif with the inscription “Good Companions”. Below is a Polish officer star. Above, there is a trace of J.L’s initials, a small mirror and scissors inside.

  The reverse has numerous engraved details of the owner “Capt. Lehnert Józef, P / 15A, Polish Forces, Leg.No.A-21421 ”,“ Driving License No. 1450/45 ”,“ 6942 / Art / Poland ”.

The mirror belonged to Captain Józef Lehnert, born on 18th March 1902. Before the war, a lieutenant officer in Bielsko of the 21st Light Artillery Regiment. Condition as in the photos.