WW2 Polish Leather Case with Mirror of Officer Józef Lehnert
September 25, 2018
post-WW2 Polish People’s Republic War Navy Banner
September 25, 2018

post-WW2 Polish People’s Republic Pennant of the Commander of the Training Ship 


106 cm x 46 cm, Cloth, Circa 1950-1989.

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The Polish People’s Republic (Communist occupation period) pennant from the communist period with national colors, white and red. A pennant made of a piece of fabric, finished with so-called black dovetails.

A white eagle with a later painted crown (post 1989), an eagle against a red shield in the background. Pennant signed at the spar, (PROP. 46x108x16 Symbol H / 512).

A pennant from the communist period, used in the 1990s, a frequent method of taking over and adapting military resources after 1989.

The pennant is in very good condition, visible in the photos