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January 10, 2019
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WW2 Polish Group 15th Wileński Rifle Battalion “Wilki” Wolves


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Group of private Józef Mikołajczyk 15th Wileński Rifle Battalion “Wilki” Wolves,. The set includes documents, photographs and  badges with a photo placed in a rectangular frame, including the original badge of the 15th Wileński Rifle Battalion “Wilki” Wolves.

 Józef Mikołajczyk, son of Jan, born on 7.3.1923, came from Silesia (Uszyce, Olesno). He was conscripted into the German Army Wehrmacht to the 362nd Infantry Division. He was captured by the Allied forces during the fighting in Italy and on 21.6.1944 he was incorporated into the 2nd Polish Corps, the 5th Kresowa Infantry Division, the 15th Wileński Rifle Battalion “Wilki” Wolves. He took part in the Italian Campaign in the battles for Bologna. After the war, demobilized and on 10.5.1946 sailed to Gdynia, from where he went to Silesia.

The set reflects Józef Mikołajczyk’s war campaign. The decorations were framed with a photo of Józef Mikołajczyk.

A unique element of the set is the original badge of the 15th Wileński Rifle Battalion “Wilki” Wolves. Obverse of the badge in the shape of a wolf’s head with a slightly open mouth pointing to the right, in the lower part of the head, signed by the maker A.MILIANI, reverse of the badge with a visible die stamp, in the middle a threaded post. Badge put on blue and yellow shield made of celluloid. On the certificate of arrival in Poland there is a photo of Józef Mikołajczyk, on the pocket of his battledress he is wearing the badge of “Wolves”.

In addition to the frame with decorations, the group also includes photos from the time spent in the 2nd Polish Corps of General Anders. Prisoner tag from the time he was captured by Allies, permission to drive vehicles, paybook and soldier’s book, rare permission from the authorities of the Polish People’s Republic to wear British decorations, ID for the Cross of Action of the Polish Armed Forces in the West and a veteran promotion to a corporal.

 A beautiful set showing the complicated paths of the Polish Soldier during the Second World War.