WW2 Polish Eagle Cloth Cap Badge – S.E.Tietz
May 13, 2023
WW2 Polish Eagle Cap Badge – Middle East
May 13, 2023

WW2 Polish Communist wz.1943, Eagle “Kurica” Cap Badge – Rare Version


Brass, 51mm x 44.5mm, Soviet Union 1943/44

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Polish first pattern eagle cap badge used by the Polish People’s Communist Army under the Soviet Russian rule, introduced in 1943 for the 1st Tadeusz Kościuszko Infantry Division. Known as “Kościuszkowski Eagle”, “Piastowski” and colloquially “kurica” due to its resemblance to a hen. Designed by Janina Broniewska, inspired by the Piast eagle on the sarcophagus of Władysław Herman and Bolesław Wrymouth, designed by Zygmunt Vogel in 1824.

Die stamped, made of thick brass, on the reverse a fragment of the fixing wires.

Version popularly known as “Moscow” most likely produced in Soviet Russia. Very good condition.