WW2 Polish Breast Badge of Armoured Training Centre
May 25, 2023
WW2 Polish Armored Forces Insignia – Ludenscheid Germany
May 25, 2023

WW2 Polish 1st Armored Regiment Badge – German Production


White metal, Steinhauer Lüdenscheid, Germany,  41mm x 41mm

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A two-part badge, made in the shape of an isosceles Maltese cross. The silhouette of a Crusader tank was superimposed on the cross. The number “1” is embossed in the center of the tank. The reverse of the badge is smooth with a visible mounting post, round spinner. Version made by Steinhauer in Lüdenscheid, allied occupied Germany circa 1945/46.

The 1st Armored Regiment was part of the 1st Armored Division of General Maczek. The regiment fought in France in Normandy, including the battles for Hill 262 (Maczuga), then in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

This version of the badge is described under number 69b according to Tony Leszczuk’s & Krzysztof Barbarski’s  book “The Polish Army in The West 1939-1947”