WW2 Polish 3rd Carpathian Rifle Division Concave Badge
May 19, 2019
WW2 Polish Miniature Badge 3DSK 3rd Carpathian Rifle Division
May 19, 2019

WW2 Miniature Polish 2nd Corps Badge


Brass silver plated, 36mm x 20mm, Societa Italiana Per l’Arte Della Medaglia of Rome 1945-47

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Miniature of the badge of the 2nd Polish Corps of General Anders.

Badge of the 2nd Polish Corps. Badge in the form of a shield above which is a mermaid of the 2nd Polish Corps. To the sides of the mermaid are laurel leaves. Around the shield is an inscription “Polski 2 Korpus” (Polish 2nd Corps). 

 Smooth reverse with a threaded post with a spinner. 

Designed by brothers Zygmunt and Leopold Haar.