Imperial Russian –  Souvenir Trophy from the Crimean War Sevastopol
September 24, 2019
Pre-WW2 Polish Bayonet Radom wz.29 
September 25, 2019

pre-WW2 Polish wz.21 Combat Sword Handle & Hilt – Borowski,

Gabriel Borowski, Warsaw, Around 1920-21

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A pre-WW2 Polish sword hilt from Gabriel Borowski’s manufacture, for the 1921 pattern combat cavalry sword for other ranks, the so-called “Żeleźniak”. Early production from the Polish-Bolshevik War period, around 1920-1921.

Closed handle made of steel with a single bow guard. Crossguard mustache. The bow bends into a right angle, changing its shape into an arc towards the head. The saber cap is fastened with a metal bolt, passing the entire length of the shaft from the pommel to the cross, narrowing. The shaft of the handle is wooden, profiled with visible transverse non-slip ribs.

Gabriel Borowski’s company was one of the largest that supplied the Polish Army with sabers during the Second Polish Republic. The condition of the handle is visible in the photos. Fantastic replacement.