pre-WW2 Polish Ribbon to the Commemorative Medal for the War 1918–1921 (French Made)
June 1, 2019
pre-WW2 Polish Ribbon to the Cross of Valor – French Made
June 1, 2019

pre-WW2 Polish Miniature Regimental Badge – 10th Mounted Riflemen Regiment

21mm x 21mm, brass silver plated, enamel, 1925-39

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Miniature of the officer’s badge of the 10th Regiment of Mounted Riflemen.

A badge in the shape of a five-pointed cross, enameled in white, with eagles inscribed between the arms. In the middle, there is a visible medallion with an eagle placed in the central part, around it there is an inscription on yellow enamel: “God Honor Ojczyzna”, and “10.S.K.1918”. The reverse is smooth with a visible mounting post. No nut spinner