pre-WW2 Polish Badge of the Lithuanian-Belarusian Division – Number 307/19375
June 1, 2023
pre-WW2 Polish Medal Haller’s Swords – Blue Army
June 1, 2023

pre-WW2 Polish Badge of 1st Polish Corps of Dowbor-Muśnicki in Russia


1918/19, silver plated brass, 46.5mm x 26mm

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Commemorative badge of the 1st Polish Corps of General Józef-Muśnicki in Russia.

Two-piece construction, numbered badge, made of silver-plated brass. On the lower arm of the badge, there is a miniature eagle of the 1st Polish Corps, an eagle with a crown sitting on an amazon shield in which the initials of the 1KP were inscribed.

The reverse of the badge is plain with a mounting post, the number 3162 is visible in the lower part of the cross. Round nut spinner, smooth.