pre-WW2 Polish Medal 10 Years of Independence – French Production
May 26, 2018
pre-WW2 Polish Badge of 1st Polish Corps of Dowbor-Muśnicki in Russia
June 1, 2018

pre-WW2 Rare French Made Polish Medal 10 Years of Independence – American Market


France, 1928-1939, 35mm diameter.

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Pre-WW2 Polish 10 Years of Independence Medal, rare variation made in France. Furthermore it has an un-noted mark on the ring “Made in France”. This suggests that the medal was made for export to the United States. The medal came with a Polish American Volunteers Cross. 

The right to receive the medal was granted to those who performed impeccable state-military or civil service, local government service or service in other public-law institutions from November 11, 1918 to November 11, 1928.

A round medal made of bronze, on the obverse there is a profile image of Marshal Józef Piłsudski. On the reverse of the decoration, at the bottom edge, there are dates (1918-1928), above them an image of a man with a plow (allegory of work). The medal is hung on a blue ribbon. Signs of wear as on the photographs.