pre-WW2 Polish Bronze Plaque – Marshall Piłsudski
June 9, 2019
WW2 Polish 14th Jazłowiecki Armoured Lancers Regimental Badge
June 9, 2019

pre-WW2 Polish Art Deco Solid Silver Cigarette Case – Lwów Pilot Airforce


Warsaw, 1931-1939, Poland, 110mm x 77.5mm, Silver & Gold, 154 grams

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A pre-WW2 Polish Solid Silver & Gold Cigarette Case. Most likely belonged to a Polish Air Force pilot from Lwów.

The case made in Art Deco style has riveted personal decorations, most in gold, these include: 

  • Coat of Arms of Lwów with Virtuti Militari (Gold)
  • Initials SW (Gold)
  • Polish Pilot Wing (Gold) 
  • A Wheel? (Gold) 

The last piece has been added (a LOPP badge), rather than being riveted the case has been drilled making a place for a small badge with a spinner and a threaded post. Most likely this original was a pre-WW2 Polish Squadron badge removed at some point.

 The inside of the cigarette case is gilded, the Polish Warsaw assay silver hallmarks are visible in the corner. The left side of the case has been crudely engraved “Lwów 1945 3 V” Lwów 1945 3rd of May. This most likely is some sort of anniversary or important date for the original owner. 

 Made from 800 grade solid silver. Total weight 154 grams.