WW2 Polish Ribbon to the Monte Cassino Cross
May 18, 2018
WW2 Polish Monte Cassino Cross 49,969
May 18, 2018

WW2 Polish Badge of 12th Heavy Artillery Regiment


F.M Lorioli, Milano/Rzym, 42mm x 42mm, Alpaka

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Polish Badge of the 12th Heavy Artillery Regiment, a regiment that was part of the 2nd Artillery Group, 2nd Polish Corps of General Anders.

One-piece badge, made of tombac. The badge is in the shape of a cross with a wreath of oak leaves connecting the arms. In the middle, there is a stylized crowned eagle sitting at the mouth of a threaded cannon barrel, in the middle of which the number “12” symbolizing the number of the Regiment is written. Date visible on the arms of the cross (7.IV.1945. The reverse of the badge with a deep counter, in the middle a threaded post. Round spinner nut with the name of the maker, F.M Lorioli Milano Roma.


This version of the badge is described under number 53 according to Tony Leszczuk’s book “The Polish Army in The West 1939-1947”.