WW2 Polish Lapel Sweetheart Eagle Badge – Trench Art
April 29, 2018
WW2 Polish Officers Air Force Eagle Cap Badge
May 5, 2018

 Pre-WW2 Rare Polish-Bolshewick War Medal – French Production


1928-1950(?), Adrien Chobillon, Paris. Bronze.

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Pre-WW2 Polish Commemorative medal for the Polish-Bolshevik War 1918-1920. On the obverse a crowned Polish wz.1927 eagle with the order of Virtuti Militari on the neck. On the reverse, the inscription “Polska Swemu Obrońcy” inscribed in a laurel wreath. 

 A rare version of the medal privately produced in France. Replacement ribbon of the French type. Type attributed to the workshop of Delande , it has been suggested that it was also produced shortly after WW2.