WW2 Polish Independent Parachute Brigade Collar Badge
September 26, 2019
pre-WW2 Polish Air Force Pilot’s Wings Miniature Badge – Solid Silver – Knedler
September 26, 2019

pre-WW2 Polish Officer’s Badge 3rd Legions Infantry Regiment

Lipczyński Warsaw, 1928-1939, Silver, 37mm x 37mm

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Polish Regimental Badge of the 3rd Legions Infantry Regiment. Initially, stationed in Łuków and Grodno. Eventually, Jarosław was the garrison’s city. Badge of the second design introduced in 1928.

The badge is in the shape of a cross, of which are inscribed the initials of the 3rd Legions Infantry Regiment (PPL). In the center, a laurel wreath inside of which is the number 3 made of gold. The obverse shows yellow and blue enameled arms. Between the arms of the cross there are visible white enameled joints of the arms with the names of the cities (Minsk, Kaniów, Borysów, Mołotków). Two-piece badge, connected with pins visible on the reverse.

Smooth reverse with a visible fastening post, round nut with makers details (S. Lipczyński Grawer, Warszawa Marszałkowska 149).

  Beautiful original badge in fantastic condition.