WW2 Polish Certificate for War Medal
September 25, 2019
Post-WW2 Flag of the Polish Merchant Navy 150 cm x 260 cm
September 25, 2019

Pre-WW2 Polish NCO Graduation Certificate – 60 Infantry Regiment


44cm x 30cm, Paper, Ostrów 1928.

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 Certificate of completion of the Non-Commissioned Officer School with a very good result, issued to Jerzy Kazimierz Urbański, born on February 28, 1905. Soldier of the 60th Infantry Regiment from Ostrów Wielkopolski. Document issued on April 21, 1928. Signed by Lieutenant Colonel Jan Ignacy Zakrzewski.

  Rectangular document, rim surrounded by a frame with an officer’s zig-zag. In the upper part of the document, a Polish crowned eagle, 1927 pattern, surrounded by military banners. In the lower part there is a graphic with the Virtuti Militari Cross and the Cross of Valor. A photo with participants of the Cadet School at the 60th Infantry Regiment is glued in between them.

  Document with traces of use and damage in the form of rips and cracks. Condition as shown in the photos.