pre-WW2 Rare Polish Medal 10 Years of Independence – M.Delande France
September 26, 2019
WW2 Polish Cross of Valour – Great Britain
September 26, 2019

Pre-WW2 – Polish Medal of Independence – M. Delande France


France, 1939, 35mm in diameter


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 The Polish Independence Medal, a rare variation of French production made by Marius Delande’s workshop in Paris. The edge of the medal has a stamped signature “Bronze” and a rectangular workshop signature with a bee and the initials “M.D”. Medal on the original ribbon of black color with two red stripes along the edge, French type ribbon.

The Medal of Independence was issued to people who actively contributed to the independence of the Poland in the period before or during the 1st World War, and during the Polish armed struggle in the years 1918-1921, with the exception of the Polish-Russian war in Poland, as well as people who they played an active role in the period of the uprising in 1938 for the liberation of Cieszyn Silesia beyond the Olza River.

The Independence Medal with a diameter of 35 mm shows on the front side in the middle field the image of three hydras (Analogies of the three occupiers – Austria, Russia & Prussia), pierced by three swords. The whole image is enclosed in a double rim with the inscription: “Bojownikom Niepodległości” “To Fighters of Freedom”. On the back, in a field closed with a single border, placed in the center the letters: “R.P.” meaning Republic of Poland.